Born just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Davey Bartlett currently resides in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. As a jack of all media trades he’s done a little bit of everything. He’s been performing live with various musical projects since the age of 14 and currently performs with three acts, the acoustic 90s themed cover band Ninety Percent 90s, the recently turned-electric pop punk outfit The Campfire Vendetta, and the Denver hard rock stalwarts Lost Point. Other notable acts from his past include the pop punk trio Some Kid Screaming, the scream-o outfit Cutthroat, underground hip hop act The Northstar Project, and the celebrated alt-rock group Novus Folium. Davey has published and produced many of his own works and has released well over a hundred original compositions over the years in the forms of albums, EPs, and single track releases. In addition to his own endeavors Davey founded B-Normous Productions with long time associate Van Verhoeven to provide music industry services on an as-needed basis to up and coming artists at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.  Currently, B-Normous has a deep roster of talented acts and regularly records local and national artists in addition to throwing live performance showcases across the state of Colorado.

In addition to his musical ambitions, Davey began writing, producing, editing, and starring in his own local access television production at the age of 15.  Since that time he has served as a local news anchor, segment producer, cameraman, on-air talent, and sports commentator.  In addition to his various roles in the television realm, Davey also has been interviewed on numerous radio productions both locally and nationally over the years and also hosted the popular internet radio show The Man Cave on TRadioV and currently The #longlivelocal Show on As if his hands-on experience were not enough, Davey recently enrolled in The Colorado Media School to further hone his already impressive skill set.

Despite already having twenty years of performing, producing, consulting, managing, and extensive promotional experience in various media circles, Davey shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon with either his own creative adventures or assisting with the journeys of the numerous artists he’s aided along the way.